Ed LaFreniere is a retired editor and writer living in Scottsdale, Arizona. He decided to create this one-man web site after setting a record for a golf handicap – somewhere around seven hundred and forty-two, at last count, each round taking roughly two and a half days. He tried out retirement for a couple of years and discovered that he needed another passion, so he opted to take aim – in a humorous way -- at fellow retirees, instead of the elusive golf ball.

   Ed spent 20-plus years as a newspaper editor at The Hartford Courant, when newspapers flourished, and held a number of executive positions, including overseeing daily news coverage in 19 bureaus for years, and later became weekend editor, front page editor, and editor in charge of the entire paper at night. After his son, Chris, was born, he decided that predictable schedules were essential, so he ran the Editorial Department at a private international business-to-business workplace communications company, also in Connecticut.

   He and his wife, Barbara Brumm-LaFreniere, wrote a no-holds-barred book on what it’s really like to live in Florida, called “The Complete Guide to Life in Florida,” which was published into the mid-90s. They opted to retire to Arizona for family and geographic reasons.

   Writing satire became a hobby for Ed in recent years. We hope you enjoy the light touch on retirement and the issues that we all deal with.